In this area we try to answer common questions. Please let us know if you have any further questions by submitting a contact form or visiting our Facebook page.

Do you have gluten free food & ice cream?

Yes, we have a selection of gluten free food and ice cream. We have gluten free cones and a selection chart for our gluten free ice cream. We are very sensitive to the gluten free menu because some of our family members have celiac. If you order gluten free food we will cook it on-top of aluminum foil to make sure we do not have any cross contamination on our grill.

How many holes does your miniature golf course have?

Our golf course has 18 holes and each of those is handicap accessible.


Where do I enter the mini golf course?

When you visit Tom Thumb for our mini golf course, please walk around the front of the building to the south side of the building. This is where you can enter and pay to play mini golf. Please remember only bottled water is allowed on the golf course.

Is your soft serve ice cream gluten free?

Yes, our soft serve chocolate and vanilla are gluten free. We use Byrne Dairy products for the soft serve mix and they do not use malt.